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NCC Electrical Refresher now available

NCC Training Academy provides Electrical Refresher e-course and e-assessment available to those technicians who require validation of their Electrical certificates.


Available via MY ACADEMY these online courses and assessments have been designed to fully test your electrical knowledge of inspection & test, extra low voltage,systems and circuits.

NCC electrical qualifications require a 5-year renewal procedure. This to show that you can demonstrate competence in every electrical safety procedure and that every five years your qualifications must be re-registered.

The online course provides all the knowledge you will need to complete the online assessment and they are both available to be purchased separately.

The online course content covers 8 modules and should take around 4 hours to complete.

o   Module 1-Caravan Industry

o   Module 2-Competency

o   Module 3-Electrical Safety

o   Module 4-Electrical Terms

o   Module 5-Electrical Relationships

o   Module 6-Circuit Protection

o   Module 7-Electrical Components

o   Module 8-Electrical Installation, Inspection & Testing

The online assessment comprises 95 multiple-choice questions taken over a 2-hour period. An 80% pass rate is required to achieve your re-validation.
This e-course and e-assessment will provide evidence of CPD( Continued Professional Development), to ensure your skills as an electrical engineer or technician allow you to remain at the top of your profession.

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