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Safe Use of Pesticides for Parks

Our Safe Use of Pesticides course is ideal for anyone working with spray pesticides on holiday or residential parks.

It is both illegal to use controlled pesticides or to purchase them for use by someone for professional purposes, that does not have an appropriate qualification.  Both holiday and residential park operators fall within the scope of the Regulations and will need to comply with them. 

There are a number of units within the use of pesticides qualifications, but only 2 will usually be required for use on parks: 

  • Pesticide Application (PA1): Safe Use of Pesticides NPTC Level 2 Award
  • Pesticide Application (PA6): Hand Held Applicators NPTC Level 2 Award

The foundation (PA1) unit is mandatory and must be successfully completed before candidates can progress to the recommended second unit (PA6).  Both units are required to obtain the NPTC qualification which is recognised as demonstrating occupational competence and is the accepted licence to practice the use of pesticides in the industry.  The units can be taken separately or as a combined package.

Please see below for further details and course availability.

Spray Safe
Spray Safe

Course Overview 

The combination of the following units will provide candidates with a qualification that meets the Regulation’s requirements to demonstrate occupational competence.  Please note that learners must be over 16 years old, to be physically fit to carry out the use of pesticides and have the application of reading ability (in English) to understand and interpret pesticide product information.

Pesticide Application (PA1): Safe Use of Pesticides NPTC Level 2 Award

This is the foundation unit which is a two-day classroom based course with assessment.  The focus of this unit is the safety and legal aspects of handing pesticides.  Candidates must complete the assessment successfully to progress to the (PA6) Hand Held Applicators unit.

The course will include;

  • Awareness and understanding of the legislation.
  • Interpreting product information and identifying appropriate equipment.
  • Personal safety and contamination.
  • Pesticide and container storage, cleaning and disposal.
  • Record keeping and environmental factors.
  • A final online assessment on day two of the course.

Pesticide Application (PA6): Hand Held Applicators NPTC Level 2 Award

This unit is required by anyone wishing to apply pesticides using a hand-held lance or knapsack type applicator.  The unit is achieved through a two-day assessed course with classroom based learning and practical exercises.

The course will include:

  • Using product information to determine and select appropriate pesticides.
  • Preparation of hand-held pesticides for professional use.
  • Operation of hand-held application equipment safely, without risk to themselves or the environment.
  • Cleaning application and personal protective equipment.
  • A final online assessment on day three of the course.

Successful completion of this unit in addition to the foundation unit will provide the candidate with the Pesticide Application qualification.  The qualification is a lifelong achievement; however, we recommend that those working with pesticides take refresher learning within every five years.

Combined PA1 and PA6 unit course

Both the PA1 and PA6 units can be taken separately.  However, we are also able to offer them as a combined course which can be taken over three days.


  • The use of pesticide qualifications provided through the NCC Academy are awarded by the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC), the nationally recognised awarding body for competence within land based industries which is part of City & Guilds.
  • These qualifications comply with the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012, referred here as, ‘the Regulations”.
  • Compliance with legislation is regulated by the Chemical Regulation Directorate (CRD), the pesticides arm of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).  They alone determine certification needs and status.  Full details are available on the HSE website.
  • A copy of the full syllabus for the above course is available on request.

Course Fees:

PA1 Foundation:   

Per person: £220.00


PA6 Hand Held Applicators:

Per person: £315.00

PA1 and PA6 Combined Package:

Per person: £440.00

All prices are per person and exclusive of VAT.

These courses take place in Stafford, Staffordshire. We are also able to provide in-house onsite training. Please contact us for details. 



  • Pesticide Application, NPTC Level 2 Award qualification.
  • Suitable courses and qualification for holiday and residential parks.
  • Qualification is recognised as demonstrating occupational competence and is the accepted licence to practice the use of pesticides in industry.
  • Enables park operators to comply with Regulations by ensuring that they employ or contract appropriately qualified individuals.

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