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Influencing, Communications and Personal Effectiveness

Becoming an effective influencer and communicator within a business context, begins with an awareness of the strengths and areas for improvement a manager or supervisor may have.  Having the skill set to utilise those strengths and adopt/apply strong models for managing areas of improvement, are key to personal business effectiveness.  The best managers, it can be observed, have developed a style of their own, based around their values and modelled behaviours.

Today’s industry managers and supervisors may need to influence and communicate across multiple disciplines including the whole supply chain, manufacturing, retailing, park operations and the supply of products and services.

This highly self-reflective course will allow candidates to assess their strengths and areas for improvement when influencing or communicating with others whilst demonstrating some proven tactics and techniques to put the candidate on the road to a more successful work experience.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Your own personal approach to communication, via language and behaviour drivers using self-assessment to identify strengths and preferences.
  • How your communication affects others and how you can adapt your style to have the maximum impact on colleagues, stakeholders and others.
  • A practical communication techniques masterclass on how to prepare and deliver multiple messages, to different stakeholder groups via a variety of techniques, using industry contextualised examples and case studies.
  • How to apply tactical and strategic influencing to a range of audiences, ensuring that relationship management is maintained at all times.
  • When and how to ensure that your team influences across the business by creating positive experiences and strong perceptions as a functioning unit with those critical to your success.
  • How to be effective as a manager with your time and utilise your resources while at work including time management and delegation models of best practice.
  • What it takes to become resilient as a manager, handle your own pressure effectively and spot the signs of stress in others quickly and take appropriate action as needed.

NCC and CPD Certificate of Achievement is provided on completion of this course.

This course can be used as part of your overall NCC Park Management Qualification.



Course Fee:




  • This highly self-reflective course will allow candidates to completely asses their strengths and areas for improvement when communicating with and influencing others.
  • Demonstrating some proven tactics and techniques to put the candidate on the road to personal success within work.
  • 1-day tutor led classroom based learning.

This course is suitable for all caravan industry personnel.

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