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Terms and Conditions of Booking

Applications and Booking

1) Receipt of a signed or online submitted booking by the NCC Training Academy is regarded as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and adherence to our Learner's Code of Conduct.

2) All applications must be in made in writing or via the 'My Academy' online portal and received at the offices of the NCC Academy for it to be accepted.

3) Applications are processed between 09:00hrs and 17:00hrs Monday to Friday or the next working day, as appropriate.  All applications are acknowledged by email.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 4 days, please contact us immediately.

4) Online E-Courses will be activated, once payment has been received.

5) The booking application must be made directly by the candidate or candidate company, bookings from a third party will not be accepted.

Payment in Advance

6) For all blended and E-Learning courses, invoices are issued upon application and payable upon receipt of the invoice.  All other invoices are raised 12 weeks in advance of the course commencement date and are payable in full, no later than 4 weeks prior to the course commencement date.  The NCC Training Academy reserve the right to withdraw any candidates from our learning programmes where an invoice has remained unpaid, without prior agreement.

7) All NCC Academy courses are subject to VAT at the current rate, unless otherwise indicated.

8) For any course where candidates or companies are benefitting from funding/subsidy, additional forms may have to be completed.  If these forms are not completed or in case of late cancellation of any places (see below) the business will be invoiced and liable for the cost of the place and any additional costs applicable, imposed by the funding/subsidy agent or associate acting on behalf of the applicant or their company.

9) We accept debit/credit cards and direct debit arrangements.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of tutor-led courses

10) Cancellation of tutor-led courses are subject to the following fees prior to the commencement date of the course:

90 – 61 days 25% of course fee applies
60 – 46 days 50% of course fee applies
45 – Day of course 100% of course fee applies

11) It is usually possible to transfer the place to another employee who meets the pre-application criteria as determined by each course category. In the event the candidate does not turn up to their booked training, the above fees apply.

Cancellation of blended, self-study and online E-Learning/E-Assessment courses

12) Access is granted to self-study and E-Courses upon receipt of payment.  Therefore, it is not possible to cancel the purchase or enrolment on blended or online E-Courses once payment has been made.

13) It is not possible to transfer access to an online E-Course to another user/employee once it has been accessed.

Applicable to all NCC Training Academy Courses

14) There will be an obligation upon the named business (or individual if booked privately) to honour any invoices relating to course applications where a charge, as outlined in point 10, is applicable.

15) Cancellation of a booking application on any NCC Training Academy course must be sent in writing to our offices or by electronic mail to info@nccacademy.org.uk.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation within 2 days of your advice to us, it is your responsibility to contact NCC Training Academy directly, to inform us of your intention to avoid further charges as shown in point 10.  In the event a candidate is unable to attend a training event on the day, the candidate or employer must contact the NCC Training Academy by telephone to receive further instruction. 

16) NCC Training Academy may on occasion, cancel a tutor-led course or assessment at short notice if circumstances beyond our control dictate.  The NCC Training Academy and its affiliates shall not be liable for any expenses incurred, loss, damage, delay or failure of performance resulting directly or indirectly from any cause that is beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure).  The NCC Training Academy will always endeavour to rearrange the course as soon as possible and at the least inconvenience to the candidate.  If this is not possible, the NCC Training Academy will refund the course fee in full.

Completion of learning courses

17) Candidates are required to complete the course they have been enrolled upon within a reasonable amount of time.  For (a) tutor-led courses, candidates are expected to complete the course on the conclusion of the last day; (b) online E-Courses and blended learning courses have individually set completion requirements.  These are outlined in the appendix below.


18) In the event of dissatisfaction with any aspect of the training, the NCC Training Academy must be notified in writing within 7 days of the course or assessment.  The NCC Training Academy has a complaints procedure policy; details are available by request.

Ownership of Qualification and Certificate

19) Regardless who pays for the training and assessment, in all instances the qualification and accompanying certificate are the property of the employee.  The NCC Training Academy cannot withhold the certificate from a candidate who successfully completes their assessment, even if they subsequently leave your employment.  Employers are advised to consider the merits of a pre-learning agreement between themselves and their employees, prior to enrolment.  Pre-learning agreement templates are available upon request.

Appendix – completion deadlines of learning courses

a) NCC Caravan Service Award – candidates must complete both parts of the Award (online E-Assessment and practical exam) within 12 months of the original application.  Re-takes of either the E-Assessment or practical exam must also be completed within 12 months of the original application.

b) Tutor led (face to face) courses– completion of the course is at the end of the last day of training/assessment.  Re-takes of any assessments must be completed within 3 months of the original course date.

c) E-Learning – online study courses must be completed within 6 months of purchase. If not completed within this period, access to your E-Learning course will be withdrawn.

d) E-Assessments – online theory assessments must be completed within 3 months of purchase.  If not completed within this period, access to your E-Assessment will be withdrawn.

We strongly recommend that candidates and/or their employers have appropriate insurance against events which may prevent them from attending the training which they are committed to.

Terms and Conditions – October 2017

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