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Leading Teams and Individuals

I am finding that the courses are very useful and Andy (tutor) ensures they are pitched so they are relevant to my current challenges.  Really enjoying them. 

Ema @Yarwell Mill 


Managers and supervisors who work in multiple disciplines across the caravan industry, including park management, manufacturing, supply chain or customer facing services, require a variety of team leadership skills and behaviours which are highly practical and are focused towards their needs and those of their team. 
Using case studies, this course will advise managers and supervisors, whatever their role within the caravan industry, on how to manage and supervise their teams with confidence and professionalism at all times.

Course Outcomes

You will explore the following learning outcomes in this course:

  • What are the critical, operational skills and behaviours needed in management and supervision and what are the challenges specific to the caravan industry today?
  • How do you model your management and supervision style to fit the needs of your team, the business and the wider operational goals and targets?
  • What are your own management style preferences and how, by using self-awareness and profiling tools, can this affect the way the team is led and the way individuals and teams perceive you?
  • Linking your management to overall business strategy and vertically aligning your approach and team effort to organisational priorities across multiple disciplines including the whole supply chain, manufacturing, retailing, park operations and the supply of products and services.
  • The key management theories evidenced in today's workplaces and how that can impact on your team effort and performance.
  • The benefits of using emotional intelligence and how to utilise your own emotional intelligence to build trust and have a profound effect on your team's success.
  • How to conduct a team profiling exercise and adopt the best management approach for individuals within the wider team once the profile is complete.

This course is suitable for all caravan industry sectors.


Available both as classroom or online tutorial.

NCC and CPD Certificate of Achievement is provided on completion of this course.

This course can be used as part of your overall NCC Park Management Qualification.

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  • Overview: 

    • A suite of team leadership skills and behaviours modelled on best practice.
    • Highly practical skills focused on team leaders and their teams needs.
    • Experiential and case study driven course to upskill managers, supervisors and team leaders.
  • Classroom or Online Tutorial available.

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