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STGW gas training for service technicians and manufacturers

Standards of Training in Gas Work (STGW) is the framework of qualifications that replace the discontinued Approved Codes of Practice (ACoPs).

UK Regulations require all persons working with gas to either be instructed (supervised) or skilled (unsupervised and qualified to sign off gas work).

An STGW gas qualification is made up of a number of mandatory core and appliance unit modules. This caravan industry approved STGW gas training programme is specifically designed for caravan service technicians to carry out a service, safety checks, minor works and issue appropriate certification in relation to the gas systems installed in privately owned touring caravan or motorhomes.

This course is also suitable for those working in manufacturing/conversion of touring caravans/motorhomes/campervans


COVID-19 UPDATE (02/06/20) -

Please note we are putting social distancing measures in place at all our training venues.  This will limit the number of candidates to each course.  If the venue you want is showing fully booked, please be assured we will be adding more dates to cover the demand for training during the same period.  Please contact us to let us know you are looking for a specific venue, so we can discuss your options.


STGW 3-Day Course - Refresher Training & Assessment

Courses available for technicians who currently hold an VALID ACoPs or STGW which is due for renewal within 6 months or has expired (not more than one year expired) :

For technicians that need to renew their existing ACOP/STGW qualification, you can access the three-day refresher programme. This is an intensive assessment only programme; it is not suitable for new technicians or those requiring extra support.  You must be familiar with using a gas analyser for eligibility to this course. If you do not have sufficient experience, you will be able to discuss any additional training with your trainer whilst at the centre. There is no extra charge for this.

Technicians needing to renew their qualification can also take the full five-day programme if the dates/locations of these courses are more suitable. You can renew your qualification using the 3 day refresher from 6 months before expiry up to a year after cert expiry. However, once your qualification has expired, you must not sign off any gas work and this will affect your AWS compliance.


STGW 5-Day Course - Initial Training & Assessment

Courses available for technicians who do NOT hold a valid gas qualification must have at least 6 months evidenced experience* in gas work to be eligible for this course :

New technicians accessing the qualification for the first time will need to take the full five-day programme. In addition, the learner will also need to provide evidence of 6 months experience* in gas works.

*either through completion of basic gas training programme,working under supervision with their employer or evidenced portfolio of working experience.  A work evidence template form will be sent to you for completion prior to the commencement of your booked course. 


An STGW gas qualification is made up of a number of mandatory core and appliance unit modules. This course is right for you or your employee if you want to be eligible to service, repair and maintain LPG gas systems on privately owned touring caravans and motorhomes.

It is also the correct course for operatives in the manufacture of caravans where the new installation is air-tested ONLY.

The programme includes:

  • Gas Safety Regulations
  • British Standards relating to LPG
  • Identifying, servicing, commissioning and fault finding for LPG appliances
  • LPG ventilation and flues
  • LPG soundness testing
  • Installation, pipework and hoses
  • LPG cylinders and regulators

Diagnostic and repairs to the gas systems installed in privately owned touring caravans or motorhomes does not require you to be a member of Gas Safe Register.

The training and assessment takes place at one of our dedicated training centres specifically registered to deliver this qualification to our industry. For manufacturers, this course is available for onsite training.

The cost of the programme includes your training, assessment, handbooks and (if successful) your certificate, gas ID card.  This qualification is valid for 5-years.

This STGW qualification does not meet criteria to work on domestic gas, static caravans, vehicles that are hired out or used for catering purposes. For work of this type you will require a Gas Safe Register registration. You need to refer to the ACS qualification page for further information.



5 day STGW  

NCC Members - £560
AWS Members - £595
Non-NCC Members - £650

* Perthshire courses will be charged at £700 per person.

3 day STGW

NCC Members - £450
AWS Members - £485
Non-NCC Members - £540

* Perthshire courses will be charged at £620 per person.

All prices exclude vat.


Please note our Lancashire courses are 4 days for initial or renewal.


  • STGW Gas competence training (formally ACOPS) specific for caravan and motorhome service technicians.
  • Tutor-led full five-day initial training and three-day refresher programmes available.
  • Key skills for gas safety; service, repair and testing of the gas system and appliances; issuing appropriate documentation.
  • Meets the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) membership requirements.
  • Suitable for manufacturers

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