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Performance Management and Motivation

 "The role play exercises were invaluable and so relevant to my role" SH, Hoburne

Managing performance means being able to apply a range of skills and interactions with staff, as a manager and supervisor.  Theory tells us, managers can spend 80% of their time managing 20% of a team, which means enabling highly effective performance is a blended approach with multiple motivation and performance management skills.

To be able to manage both good and bad performers, today’s caravan industry professionals need tools and best practice models to succeed.  This includes an ability to gather evidence of poor performance and present it in a way to a team member, which does not result in defensiveness or abdication of responsibility. 

Candidates will explore the following learning outcomes in this module:

Understanding the role of the manager in performance management and the skills/behaviours needed to succeed.

The conduct versus capability dilemma for managers.

Identifying the common psychological types within any team and developing performance management strategies to manage and supervise them effectively.

The skills needed to deliver difficult performance management news and how to prepare constructively for a potentially difficult conversation.

• How to give feedback, using best practice models and how to deal with defensive or challenging reactions if they occur by using assertiveness techniques.

Understanding and applying appropriate stretch objectives for staff members, gaining agreement towards goals and assessing their impact through review, support and monitoring.

Motivating and managing people to boost performance through a range of motivational management approaches.

Course Fee:



  • Understand and apply SMART objectives.
  • Create a robust performance management cycle.
  • Understand conduct versus capability.
  • Sector related case studies.
  • 1-day tutor led classroom based learning.

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