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ACS Gas Training for Park Engineers



Those working with gas must have an ACS qualification and be registered with Gas Safe if they work with gas on any of the following:

  • Touring caravans and motorhomes that are hired out individually or as letting fleets by the owner.
  • Any unit that is used in the course of business by the owner or loaned by them for business purposes (e.g. an office, staff accommodation, mobile catering vans).
  • Static caravans on holiday or residential parks.

Below you will find detailed information for both accessing the ACS qualification for the first time and for those needed to renew their certificate. 

  • Accessing ACS for the first time.
  • Renew an existing qualification. 

Please ensure you have read the relevant section below, before you contact us so that we can provide you with the most appropriate information. 

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How to access ACS training for the first time?

Before you can begin ACS training, you must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 6 months on-the-job experience working with gas and hold a valid pre-learning gas qualification e.g. ACoPS/STGW.

You must complete a managed learning programme before you can do your ACS assessments. The current route to success is:

Managed Learning Programme: 15 days classroom/workshop training split into 3 blocks of 5 days.

Managed Learning Programme Assessments: 3 days.

Plus 2 days of portfolio reviews, your portfolio must be completed 10 weeks after your training & assessment.

You can then take your ACS assessments: 8 days.

An ACS gas qualification is made up of a number of mandatory core and optional appliance units.  The minimum number an operative can take is; one core unit and four appliances. The majority of service technicians will need a core unit in LPG gas for leisure accommodation vehicles and supplemented by 4-6 appliance units, depending on the type of work they intend to do; but an extensive catalogue of units is available where required.

Cost and duration for first time assessment?

The MLP & ACS assessments are tailored to each candidate; therefore, the duration and cost is reflective of your individual requirements and your chosen gas training centre.

MLP: prices start at £3100+VAT

ACS: prices start at £1600+VAT

Course fees include your training, assessment, handbooks and certificate; however, it does not include your Gas Safe registration which you must apply for individually.  We will give you a specific quote based upon your requirements for your ACS but we strongly advise getting a quote from Gas Safe for registration before undertaking this course.

Upon successfully completing the course you will be issued with an ACS certificate with which you can apply to Gas Safe to become a registered gas operative.  Your ACS certificate will be valid for 5 years, after which time, you will need to re-assess.

ACS Gas re-assessment

ACS qualifications are valid for five years; after which time, gas operatives will need to attend a re-assessment course.

Like the initial ACS gas training, the re-assessment is tailored to the individual technician’s requirements.  A technician can choose to re-assess on their existing units with or without training (depending upon how confident they feel in the re-assessment), add additional units if their scope of work has increased (training is mandatory on additional/new units) or reduce the number of units if the scope of their work has decreased (a minimum number of core and appliance units is still required).

Duration of re-assessment 

The cost and duration of re-assessment will depend upon the units the technician requires. Re-assessment typically takes between 3-5 days with prices starting at £1000 + VAT.
Technicians can begin their re-assessment up to six months prior to their existing certificate’s expiry, with the new validity being extended from the original expiry date. This therefore allows the engineer to be re-assessed in plenty of time without losing any of their certificates validity.

Course and assessment locations

We use 4 training centres across the UK who deliver the appropriate LPG units for ACS training and assessment for the caravan industry;

  • Birmingham, West Midlands 
  • Langport, Somerset
  • Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • Newcastle upon Tyne 

Each training centre has different training schedules, therefore, the exact duration of your training and or assessment will be affected by where you choose to go.

Requesting a quote and availability

As a technician’s training package is tailored specifically for their requirements we are not able to list specific training dates.  In the first instance, we will discuss your requirements with you, when you want/need to do the course and which of our training centres you would like to attend.

Accepting your Qoute 

Once we have discussed your requirements, we will issue you with a training proposal confirming the recommended ACS units, dates and cost.  If you are happy and accept the proposal, a £100 + VAT non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking. Please note that our standard terms, conditions and cancellation fees will still be applicable. 



Requesting a quote and availability

As a gas operative's package is tailored specifically for their requirements, we are not able to list specific training dates.  In the first instance, we will discuss your requirements with you, when you want/need to do the training/assessment and which of our gas centres you would like to attend.

Initial ACS training and new gas operatives

Please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and advise you on the most suitable route to ACS for you and your business.

This allows us to advise you based upon your individual circumstances.

Please read the section on accessing ACS for the first time before you email/phone.

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  • ACS initial and renewable courses for those working on holiday or residential home parks.
  • Bespoke packages to suit individual requirements - select the ACS units relevant to your business.
  • Qualifications that demonstrate the occupational competence to become a Gas Safe registered engineer. 
  • LPG for leisure accommodation and residential park homes. Landlord checks, maintenance, central heating, fires etc. 


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