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Electrical Refresher:- Test & Inspection only

NCC electrical qualifications require a 5-year renewal procedure. This is to show that you can demonstrate competence in every electrical safety procedure and that every five years your qualifications must be re-registered. This Refresher is only for those technicians who have completed a Test & Inspection qualification only

The online course provides all the knowledge you will need to complete the accompanying assessment

The online course content covers 4 modules and should take around 2 hours to complete.


o   Module 1-Electrical Safety

o   Module 2-Electrical Terms

o   Module 3-Circuit Protection

o   Module 4-Electrical Installation, Inspection & Testing

Please note this online course and accompanying online assessment are knowledge-based only and do not  include any practical elements

Why has the NCC Training Academy developed an electrical refresher as an online course?

  • Building on the success of previously delivered electrical courses, NCC Training Academy has decided to use the new learning technology of online learning to deliver the Electrical Refresher online course and online assessment
  • This allows anytime, any place, anywhere learning via any digital device you have available to complete the online course and online assessment.
  • By completing online, the online course and online assessment offer an economical and effective way of re-validation. 

Why 5-year validity?

  • Demonstration of your competence in every electrical safety procedure, is to be made at least every 5 years and your qualifications must be re-registered within that period.
  • Qualified engineers should be re-accredited to ensure they remain compliant considering changes to British Standards (BS). 

How long will it take to complete?

  • If you access and participate in all 4 modules we anticipate around 2 hours to complete this online course

Do I need any pre-requisite qualifications

  • NCC Electrical Refresher online course and online assessment is only suitable for operatives who currently hold a following Certificate of Achievement from Test & Inspection 


    • NCC Electrical Maintenance of Touring Caravans & Motorhomes
    • City & Guilds Electrical Maintenance of Touring Caravans & Motorhomes
    • SkillsActive Electrical Maintenance of Touring Caravans & Motorhomes
    • CITO Electrical Test & Inspection

Can I take the online course and online assessment without any of these qualifications?

  • No, you are unable to apply for NCC Electrical Refresher test & Inspection Online Course or Assessment without pre-requisite qualification. 
  • For Caravan Industry operatives, this will be evidence we have on file of your current achievements, or where we request evidence of your electrical certification issued by one of the above Awarding centres.
  • If you have alternative electrical qualifications, not listed above, you will not be eligible to take this assessment.
  • Candidates with the appropriate certificates that have expired or have less than 6 months before expiry are eligible to apply for this refresher online course or assessment.

What happens to my old qualification if I do pass the eAssessment?

  • Nothing, it remains as it is.
  • The Electrical Refresher test & Inspection online Assessment extends the validity of your current qualification - it does not replace it. 
  • The online Assessment is knowledge based only and confirms you have retained and now have up-to-date critical information in electrical safety and procedures.  
  • This online Course & online Assessment has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles (CPD 10641)
  • However, only successful completion of your online Assessment will extend your qualification and a new certificate of achievement will be issued to you.
  • A Certificate of Achievement is produced by NCC Training Academy and the learning achievement is uploaded to the individual’s MY ACADEMY personal training profile.

Course fees per person

NCC member: £135.00

AWS Member: £145.00

Non-Member: £155.00


Assessment Fees per person

NCC member - £75.00

AWS Member - £85.00

Non-Member - £95.00


All prices exclude VAT


  • The online course covers all the Electrical Knowledge required to complete the online assessment required for re-validation
  • This Refresher is for those technicians who have only completed the Test & Inspection
  • 4 modules designed for easy navigation and interactivity, engaging and informative
  • Content written by Industry experts
  • Test your knowledge of Electrical Tests

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